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Wordless Wednesday

We went on vacation.  It was lovely.







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A Day’s Delights

Today was one of those days that just couldn’t have been much better.
One of those wonderful, ordinary, lovely days in which nothing extra special happens, but is full of all kinds of things that are so very special.
Today was a long time coming, the first day I’ve had off after working 10 in a row.
And it was good.  
Kind of like God said it would be
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Waupoos Island

We had an absolutely lovely vacation.

We shared a beautiful cottage on Waupoos Island with St. James’ family.  It was one lovely week.  Waupoos Island is this neat little island in Prince Edward County (I know!  Twice in as many weeks!  We had scheduled this vacay a long time ago – it was just a fluke that we ended up visiting my parents there
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