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Working Out

This work thing might not be so bad after all.

I had my first day back at work on Tuesday.  It went ok.  Things there haven’t really changed, so that’s nice.  It was hard to go, and I was a little teary for the first hour or so, but I did ok.  More importantly, so did Haydon.  He was a little clingy James said, and bed time was rough,

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Spending Fast Fail

So, uh, we’re not doing so well with that no spending thing.
See, we went to the CNE on Saturday.  James got a special price for tickets through work.  We’re on holidays together for a week (James just finished work, I’m about to start) and wanted to do something fun as a family.  So, we went to the Ex.
And the day before, James
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Experiment Update

So, we’re trying not to buy stuff.  Unnecessary stuff.  Stuff other than gas, groceries or necessities for our growing boy.

…’cept, that’s kinda hard, ya know?

It’s been going ok, but, I wouldn’t call this week a success.  I have bought things.  There are also things I didn’t buy.  And

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So, remember that job interview I had on Thursday afternoon, the one in which they said “You’ll hear from us shortly.”?  Yeah, it’s Tuesday.  Does that qualify as shortly?  I’m getting a little panicky…last time I heard from them an hour after my interview, and they called by 9:15am the day that applications

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The Impulse Buy

I’m not spending money ’til December, ‘member?

Except for yesterday.

Mom and I went to Once Upon A Child to look for some stuff for her house – play pen, high chair, gates, etc.  We found a nice play pen.

We also found a BEAUTIFUL set of bedding and curtains.

Here’s the problem:  Bumper pads had been on the list of stuff

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