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Feeling Resolute?

I guess you could say my New Year’s resolution this year is to add one thing a week to my daily routines to inch me toward what an “ideal” day might look like. ┬áSo each week, I add one thing to my morning, and one thing to my evening.
So far, it’s been:
Week 1 – established consistent wake up and bed times.
Week 2 – scripture first,
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That Sleep Thing

I had kinda made a decision that I wasn’t going to keep returning to the subject of sleep, ’cause everyone had probably heard me complain enough.
That said, we recently started some sleep training and I’ve had a couple people ask me about it, and rather than repeatedly answering intermittent questions here and there on facebook, I figured
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No Sleep = Angry Mama

For the love of all that’s good in the world.
We need some sleep.
Or something.very.bad.might.happen.
I don’t mind getting up in the morning (the very early morning).  Usually it means I plug in the Christmas lights, get a few toys out, grab my bible and sit on the couch while the wee man plays happily.  Usually this doesn’t happen
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Morning Tunes

It’s a good thing there’s music in this life.  Not sure what I’d do otherwise.
We sleep less in this house lately then we did in Haydon’s first month.  The only thing that made that month harder is that now I’ve at least got breastfeeding figured out, and I’m not in pain from labour.  
Last night was particularly
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Morning Comes Early

That was the name of one of the pieces in my piano book when I took lessons as a little girl.  I always thought it was funny, and kind of strange.  I didn’t really get it.
Lately, do I ever get it!
Morning comes very early around here these days.  When we rise, the time on the clock usually starts with a ‘4.’  The little
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