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31 Days to Slow Down & Savour: Day 8 – Make Connections

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I have this really wise friend who often says to her kids “People first; people come before things.”

And I think I need someone in my life to say it to ME more often.

You see, I am not good at putting people first. I’m learning, and I’m trying, but it doesn’t come naturally.

I think because of the craziness that life with

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31 Days to Slow Down & Savour: Day 2 – Sabbath

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 I’m sure the word “Sabbath” illicits a wide range of reactions. Maybe you think

“But you’re not Jewish!” or

“That sounds boring…” or

“What exactly

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31 Days to Slow Down and Savour

Each year the nester hosts a project called “31 Days” in which she invites people to join her in choosing a topic and writing every day for the month of October.

Cool, eh?

And intimidating?


I almost didn’t do it. ‘Cause, reality is, there’s not a lot of writing going on around here lately. And, I will most likely miss a day,

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