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Road 2 Hope

Winter is coming.

I’m dreading it already.

My mood has not been great lately. I struggle with mild depression, and the past few weeks have been hard. I don’t want to get out of bed, the most basic of tasks seems overwhelming, the smallest glitch in the day can move me to tears. The idea of adding dark and cold to my current circumstances is enough to make

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Just Do It!

When I was In grade 3, we had to do a fitness test that included a 12-minute run.

I couldn’t do it.

Ever since then, I’ve told myself I’m not a runner. I’ve told myself I can’t run.

This morning, for the first time since that 12-minute run I couldn’t do 18 years ago, I ran for longer than 12 minutes.

This morning, I ran for 20 minutes

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I reached that point this week. That point in my run when I just wanted to give up. That point when I felt tired, and didn’t want to go anymore. That point when I asked myself


It’s a valid question. And all the reasons not to were crowding into my head:

– it’s hot

– you could be in bed right now

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I feeeeeeeel good!

I’d like to say “I knew that I would,” but, to be perfectly honest, I was skeptical.

I’ve come to really love running. Enough that I set my alarm for a time that starts with a ‘4’ a couple of times a week so that I can go before work and still have a life at the end of the day. Enough that I look forward to it the day before, and some

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