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Happy Birthday to…Me!

Hi. My name is Rachel. I used to blog here.

Lately I have been far tooooo busy to do that.

I like blogging, I really do, but, I reached a point where there was only so much time, and I couldn’t both live life and write about it, and I thought that living was probably the higher priority.

But. Soon. Soon I will blog again, more frequently.

(more on that later).


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Monkey See, Monkey Do

I had company in the bathroom this morning.

You’d think he’s seen us do these things a time or two.

Love this little monkey!

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Wordless Wednesday: SING!

Yesterday when I came upstairs to say goodbye to my guys before I left for work, this is what I found…







This little musician makes my heart SING!

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Wordless Wednesday: Why We Love Weekends

It’s been a bit heavy around here lately, what with me brooding on lost loved ones and marriage struggles and miscarriage. I thought I’d add a bit of happy from my weekend time with my boy. There is SO much joy that walks hand in hand with our pain!











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Wordless Wednesday: Wonderful Weekend Wedding





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