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31 Days to Slow Down & Savour: Day 8 – Make Connections

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I have this really wise friend who often says to her kids “People first; people come before things.”

And I think I need someone in my life to say it to ME more often.

You see, I am not good at putting people first. I’m learning, and I’m trying, but it doesn’t come naturally.

I think because of the craziness that life with

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Smells Like Teen Spirit

It’s always funny to me when someone says “I just love that baby smell!” I’m not exactly sure what that baby smell is…

When Ezra’s been held by a church lady, he returns to me smelling of foreign, sweet perfume. When his daddy’s in need of a shower, I can tell by the odour on the hair of that baby who’s been cradled

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Crisp cool August air

reminds that autumn

(my favourite!)

is just around the corner.

So do the signs


“Back to School!”

which, for some reason,

make me shudder.

My big boy will start preschool,

every morning.

He can’t wait

and I’d lie to say

I’m not looking forward to

those two-and-a-half




He says he’s

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Laying Down

When the midwife arrived, I was standing in the bathroom, leaning on the vanity.

She told me to lay down, and five minutes later, that baby was born.

I thought I’d give birth squatting, but it was laying down that I became a mother for the second time.

I am beginning to realize more and more that becoming the mother my children need means laying down –

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Promised Land?

After wandering the desert of miscarriage, and my 40 weeks of pregnant waiting, I crossed the Jordan into the promised land of motherhood for the second time on the floor of our tiny bathroom.

Another boy. Healthy and perfect. Much to give thanks for.

And yet…

I sit on Haydon’s bed, trying to maintain our usual bedtime routine. Struggle to turn

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