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To My Parents on Their 30th Anniversary

I sat on your porch last weekend, nursing Ezra, and watched James help you do yard work, while Haydon played alongside, and it did my heart good.

A beautiful thing, 30 years of marriage, and all that comes with it.

The traditional gift for a 30th anniversary is pearls. Seems fitting for a major marriage milestone, the gem made from adapting to an irritant. Just like

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Five Minute Friday: Growing

Linking up with Lisa-Jo fromThe Gypsy Mama today

“We write for five minutes flat on Fridays.

We write bold and beautiful and free. Unscripted and unedited. We just write without worrying if it’s just write or not.”




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Some Marriage Thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage lately.
It seems to be coming up in conversations with friends, and in blogs I’ve been reading.

Funny, when life seems to synthesize things, how the same topic creeps into my consciousness from different and disconnected sources.
Funny, too, how much I’ve needed it right now.

I am blessed to be part

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A Day’s Delights

Today was one of those days that just couldn’t have been much better.
One of those wonderful, ordinary, lovely days in which nothing extra special happens, but is full of all kinds of things that are so very special.
Today was a long time coming, the first day I’ve had off after working 10 in a row.
And it was good.  
Kind of like God said it would be
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Morning Tunes

It’s a good thing there’s music in this life.  Not sure what I’d do otherwise.
We sleep less in this house lately then we did in Haydon’s first month.  The only thing that made that month harder is that now I’ve at least got breastfeeding figured out, and I’m not in pain from labour.  
Last night was particularly
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