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A Rich Inheritance

I went to a funeral yesterday, for my great-aunt Gwen Haydon. Aunt Gwen was my grandma’s older sister. There were 7 Haydon sisters. All but Aunt Gwen married, and with her ends the family name. The name I gave my son.

Aunt Gwen’s funeral was a beautiful testament to the hope we have in Jesus. In her last moments, her nieces and nephews came to spend time

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Hope Springs Eternal

still in womb

empty tomb


dare I?

hope and pray
for my own story

Would love to have you join me in prayer…for peace, whatever the outcome

*update – because I’m a space-case these days I mistook a message

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The Rest of the Story!

I’m late with my Easter celebration! I said to James yesterday “I feel like I should put something on the blog…but I don’t want to just because I think I should.”

But then I came on today and saw the Good Friday sadness lingering, and thought it was important to finish the story.

Christ has risen! Death has been conquered!

We live

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