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Santa, Jesus, Generosity

Advent is officially here! I am so excited to enter into this season of waiting and anticipating our Lord’s birth!

photo by SBrent, flickr, used under creative commons

I’m kicking off our advent reflections over at This Sisterhood today with some ideas on Christmas gift-giving, and how we can keep Jesus at the center of it all.


It’s important

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Letter to a Church I Love


It’s been four-and-a-half years since we moved into the neighbourhood, looked at each other, and said “Where are we going to go to church?” After a discouraging couple of years trying to find a church in another city (without much luck), the task of starting the “church hunt” all over again seemed daunting. We could name a number of churches

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Wordless Wednesday: Why We Love Weekends

It’s been a bit heavy around here lately, what with me brooding on lost loved ones and marriage struggles and miscarriage. I thought I’d add a bit of happy from my weekend time with my boy. There is SO much joy that walks hand in hand with our pain!











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Pearl Earrings

I wear them today. September 22. The day that would’ve been her 81st birthday. The day after they buried her twin sister, the last of seven.

They weren’t given to me. I took them, in fact. The day she had her stroke. An unexpected family reunion, cousins crammed into the E.R. waiting room, taking turns sitting by her bed, holding her hand, waiting and

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Five Minute Friday: Joy

“…joy comes in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5)




Small, happy, morning voice chirping down the hall.

“Mommy! Mommy!”

Shuffle down in the dark, feel my way to crib.

He’s standing, I lift him.


“Ma?” He signs for milk.

Back to bed we go.  Soft jersey sheets. His daddy’s long body

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