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The Ultimate Mom Bag

So, I’m going shopping with my mom this afternoon to buy a new mother-of-two diaper bag.

And because I’m just a wee bit Type-A, I have sat down and written out everything I anticipate needs to go in this bag on a regular basis, so I can assess if the bags I’m looking at will sufficiently fulfill all of my hopes and dreams for the perfect diaper bag.

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This day is brought to you by the letter ‘P’

‘P’ standing for puke, packing and Pitch and Praise.

As in, because Haydon’s napping, I should really be packing for the weekend, but it’s hard to drink my delicious coffee while packing, and it’s easy to do it while blogging/reading blogs.

We’re going with the youth from our church to Pitch and Praise – a weekend

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A Poem for My Boy

Hey, remember that time I was obsessed with diapers?

…oh right.  That would be currently.

And to feed the flames of fanny fanatacism, I just discovered a new blog.  http://clothdiapers.blogspot.com
Yep, ’cause I really need to spend more time reading about diapers.  You probably do too.

Anyway, they’re having a Mom’s

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Cloth Diapering Resources

This is the end of the diaper diaries, I promise. I just wanted to post some helpful links and resources for cloth diapering.

*The first is re-diaper, a Hamilton based cloth diaper store run by my friend Anj. Located on Ottawa St S, re-diaper has a great selection of cloth diapers and accessories, and Anj is super knowledgable and helpful. When Haydon was born,

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The Dirt on Diapers

It’s Earth Day, did you know? Apparently I didn’t, ’cause I thought it was last week. Which started my week of diaper blogging. In case you forgot why I love cloth diapers…

– they save me money
– they save trees, and don’t take up room in a landfill
– they hold poop better, and are nicer for my boy’s skin

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