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Merry Christmas!

We have been having a blessed (albeit busy!) Christmas with our loved ones.
Hope you are too!

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…’cept, I kinda still like stuff

If you’ve been hanging around here the past few days you’ll know I’ve been pondering Christmas, and how to make it meaningful, and how to de-consumerize it.
Here’s the thing.
I like stuff.
As a young family on a not-so-huge income, Christmas has always been the default time to get stuff we kinda need, or really want.  Need a new
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Gifts, and stuff

I had a brainwave this morning.
I don’t know why this was so revolutionary to me.  It shouldn’t have been.
I was thinking about Christmas, about celebrating, about being true to what it’s all about (Jesus, in case you weren’t sure.  He left Heaven and came down to our messy earth to make it possible for us to be part of returning
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