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I took a few days off last week to spend some time with the fam, do a few day trips and, of course, some canning!

Here are some pictures of my dilly pickles 🙂

It helps to start with the cutest helper you can find…

sterilized jars…



other pickling stuff.

Scrub the cukes.

Dill and such in jars.

Pack the jars.

Ready to pour

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We Be Jammin’

It’s here…

Canning Season!

I picked berries last weekend, the whole time, this little ditty in my head:

“Good things grow in Ontario!”

And they certainly do. Lots of them.

And I get to put them in jars, and that makes me very, very happy.


Some pictures from my jam-making on Saturday








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Saucy Tomatoes

Here’s a peek at yesterday’s canning project.  It went really well.  I think I’m headed to the market today to find more things to put in jars.  I’d happily do more peaches or tomatoes (I have 6 and 5 jars respectively), and I’m thinking about pickles.  In a week or so our grapes will be ready to harvest and
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Pretty Peaches!

I’m canning this week.  It’s SO fun!
We’ve done pickles before, and they were delicious.  This year I’ve tried my hand at peaches and tomato sauce.  
And they’re yummy.  And beautiful.  I thought I’d share some pictures of the process.  I’ve been following Jennifer Jo’s
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