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I feel

like I just have




Like I’m here

on a quiet night

with no one else around

and nothing to do,

and I think –

“I should write” –

but instead

draw a bath

and crochet.

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This will be long.
Just warning you.

I’m having a crummy day.

But, actually, the day has been fine.  That’s the problem.  It’s just me that’s off.  When James left for work today, he said “Hope your day gets better!”, and I thought, like, really…nothing bad has happened.  I just feel

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I just spent WAY TOO LONG typing a ridiculously long post that I managed to delete right before I was about to post it.


The gist was, my last week was crazy busy, despite the fact that I did a hundred-and-one fun and exciting things (like book club, park with friend and babies, niece’s dance recital, sew re-usable sanitary pads for girls in Africa, get

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Mediocre and Mundane

So, I have a couple of friends who are pretty fabulous people.  They are strong, single women, who have really neat jobs, are involved in really neat and worthwhile causes, take care of themselves really well, and are each incredibly beautiful to boot.  I don’t see either one of them very often, but have run into both of them in the past month.

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