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To My Parents on Their 30th Anniversary

I sat on your porch last weekend, nursing Ezra, and watched James help you do yard work, while Haydon played alongside, and it did my heart good.

A beautiful thing, 30 years of marriage, and all that comes with it.

The traditional gift for a 30th anniversary is pearls. Seems fitting for a major marriage milestone, the gem made from adapting to an irritant. Just like

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New Normal

I am sitting at my dining room table, with a boy who is standing on his chair, eating the longest breakfast ever, and singing jingle bells.

And it is SO good.

I worked my very first night sleep shift last night. I left work at 7:00am, and took a walk through beautiful Gage Park (the fact that it is ridiculously balmy on February 1 is slightly concerning, but it was lovely).

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A wee snapshot

That chunk of time between putting dinner on the table and tiptoeing out of the little boy’s room goes fast and furious, but


He eats, bits and pieces (more on the floor than in his mouth). Doesn’t sit long, runs around, whizzes by now and then to show us something, allows me to stick a forkful in as he makes his pit stop, then on the road again.

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Monkey See, Monkey Do

I had company in the bathroom this morning.

You’d think he’s seen us do these things a time or two.

Love this little monkey!

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Pearl Earrings

I wear them today. September 22. The day that would’ve been her 81st birthday. The day after they buried her twin sister, the last of seven.

They weren’t given to me. I took them, in fact. The day she had her stroke. An unexpected family reunion, cousins crammed into the E.R. waiting room, taking turns sitting by her bed, holding her hand, waiting and

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