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Just Keep Writing…Right?

I joined a writing workshop at the beginning of September.

‘Cause I’m a writer, right?

Or a wannabe.

Or somewhere in between.


Anyway. I was really excited. It started well. I was enjoying the push to engage in writing, enjoying the readings, the assignments, the feedback. And then life crept up on me, and before I knew it I was swamped with the

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Simplifying Supper

why do they want dinner

*photo source

Our new routine has James home for supper every night. Getting meals on the table has always been a challenge for me, but I buckled down and did a meal plan last week, and it’s changed my lfie already. You can read all about it over at This Sisterhood.

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Beauty in the Being

It’s a This Sisterhood day (just like every Monday). And this one? This is one that I want to shout from the mountaintops.

Body image.

I have been so saddened lately to hear derogatory comments about women’s bodies

from their own mouths.

It frustrates me.

I’m frustrated with a world that has set ridiculous air-brushed standards that are not healthy

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My “One Word” for 2013

It’s the first Monday back to school after holidays, and are we ever ready to return to routine. I’m looking forward to re-orienting and establishing priorities as we get the ball rolling again.

I’m over at This Sisterhood (just like every Monday!) today talking about my One Word for the year.

Have you heard about OneWord365? The idea is

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Traditions and Emotions and Maybe, Not So Much?

I’m over at This Sisterhood today thinking about Christmas traditions…

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“As we approach our first Christmas with a child who’s starting to “get it,” I’ve been thinking a lot lately about traditions. We have been working hard to keep Jesus at the center of our Christmas celebrations, and so we’ve separated

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