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Camping. Remember.

H Hammock





We slowed

and played.


h fire





I watched them,

saw new things,

took delight in the them –

as they are

andE fire

as they are








tent sleepers



I woke early, that last morning,

slipped from the tent

picked up my books

turned my chair

from the fire

to the sunrise.


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The Naptime Conundrum

Birds chirp

through the baby monitor

the naptime noise

that means silence



the brain is noisy

wondering how to best use




out of control

is how it all feels

the dishes, dirty floors, laundry piles

fallout from a few days of sick mama

doing the essentials only


and so now,

my moment

of peace and quiet

and how to decide



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August Rain Poetry Project

Just discovered TweetSpeak Poetry, an online poetry play place.

Based on the invitation to write a poem on the theme of “rain” using material only from book or CD spines, here’s what I came up with (these are from album titles in my iTunes library).


Calm Before the Storm
Human Clay, Rubber Soul
Learning to Breathe

Deep Calls to Deep

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Crisp cool August air

reminds that autumn

(my favourite!)

is just around the corner.

So do the signs


“Back to School!”

which, for some reason,

make me shudder.

My big boy will start preschool,

every morning.

He can’t wait

and I’d lie to say

I’m not looking forward to

those two-and-a-half




He says he’s

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this morning

I hang little-person clothes on the line

while he plays

and it’s sunny, and a bit cool, that perfect spring morning feeling

and I think “ah, to sit with Bible, pen, and coffee…”

and then the thought

“why not?”


returning with blanket, books, coffee,

I set up on the grass

and discover

that me-time


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