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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

So, I keep seeing people sharing this petition and other alarmist articles related to the new Ontario Sexual Education curriculum, which is to be rolled out this September.  It’s making me twitchy. Rather than getting into multiple discussions and arguments with  various people in various places, I figured I’d try to articulate my thoughts

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My Baby Is Two!



Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet Ez.

Right now Ezra loves trains. He loves to roar at people. He loves to throw sand in the air and watch it settle.

He’s obsessed with having  to identify noises – airplanes, vacuums, lawnmowers.

He loves to say hello to EVERYONE he sees.

He gives the most snuggly hugs and says the most heart-warming

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31 Days to Slow Down & Savour: Day 9 – Actually Slow Down

So, I feel like “31 Days” is kicking my butt.

And I also feel like I’m failing miserably at slowing down and savouring.

This week has just felt out of control. Part of that is me committing to too much (stay tuned for the “saying no” post), part of it is lack of routine related to James’ wacky work schedule, part of it is the reality

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Smells Like Teen Spirit

It’s always funny to me when someone says “I just love that baby smell!” I’m not exactly sure what that baby smell is…

When Ezra’s been held by a church lady, he returns to me smelling of foreign, sweet perfume. When his daddy’s in need of a shower, I can tell by the odour on the hair of that baby who’s been cradled

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Five Minute Friday: Connect




A two-year old tantrum is a terrific thing to experience. Notice that terrific and terrifying are not far off.

That’s kind of how I view my boy lately: terrific, and terrifying.

The incessant repetitions of “Mummy asked you to…” and “are you listening?” and “PLEASE stop ___________ (standing

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