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Thoughts on Self

Pondered the word self this week. Something along the lines of “I’d like time for myself” or “I’d like to have my body to myself” and how self-less is supposed to be a good thing. Honourable, certainly, but without self, who am I, anyway? Mama, ah, yes. Selfish, maybe, but I could use a little me in my life.

I yearn for poetry.

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Beauty in the Being

It’s a This Sisterhood day (just like every Monday). And this one? This is one that I want to shout from the mountaintops.

Body image.

I have been so saddened lately to hear derogatory comments about women’s bodies

from their own mouths.

It frustrates me.

I’m frustrated with a world that has set ridiculous air-brushed standards that are not healthy

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A Sense of Call, and Saying No

In case you didn’t notice, that whole 31 Days to Slow Down & Savour thing and I didn’t work out so well.

Ya see, it turned into chains, and the point was to enjoy life more, not be enslaved by an arbitrary self-imposed commitment. So I stopped, and I’m choosing to not even feel bad about it.

But, related to the slowing down and savouring,

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I’ve spent a lot of my life striving to be better, different, unique, excellent.
Some days I think I peaked in grade 8, when I won the citizenship, academic proficiency, and language arts awards at graduation.
I won a handful of music awards in high school, but, they kinda had to give me something, I was part of so many choirs and ensembles.
Then university,
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