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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

So, I keep seeing people sharing this petition and other alarmist articles related to the new Ontario Sexual Education curriculum, which is to be rolled out this September.  It’s making me twitchy. Rather than getting into multiple discussions and arguments with  various people in various places, I figured I’d try to articulate my thoughts

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On Sunday I had breakfast with our fam at the most glorious discovery of a restaurant/bookshop ever (more on that later) and picked up this lovely little gem of a book that is one of those delicious reads – you know, one in which almost every paragraph you can (and should) stop and suck on for awhile. And then I read this and both talked about how art is something

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Camping. Remember.

H Hammock





We slowed

and played.


h fire





I watched them,

saw new things,

took delight in the them –

as they are

andE fire

as they are








tent sleepers



I woke early, that last morning,

slipped from the tent

picked up my books

turned my chair

from the fire

to the sunrise.


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My Baby Is Two!



Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet Ez.

Right now Ezra loves trains. He loves to roar at people. He loves to throw sand in the air and watch it settle.

He’s obsessed with having  to identify noises – airplanes, vacuums, lawnmowers.

He loves to say hello to EVERYONE he sees.

He gives the most snuggly hugs and says the most heart-warming

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Rhythm and Routine

Guys! I still write sometimes!


And it’s super exciting, in the 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday kind of a way. I’m all jazzed up over the beautiful potential for rhythm and routine.

You can read all about it over at This Sisterhood.

Happy Monday


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