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Traditions and Emotions and Maybe, Not So Much?

I’m over at This Sisterhood today thinking about Christmas traditions…

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“As we approach our first Christmas with a child who’s starting to “get it,” I’ve been thinking a lot lately about traditions. We have been working hard to keep Jesus at the center of our Christmas celebrations, and so we’ve separated

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Black Friday, Buy Nothing, or Somewhere in Between

So, it’s Black Friday on…Friday.

Or, for some, Buy Nothing Day.

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I used to be all for the Buy Nothing Day kinds of things. All “damn the man, save the empire,” all, “we’ll show big business that we don’t buy in! There’s more to life!”

(And, there is.)

But, I’m learning, there’s

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A Sense of Call, and Saying No

In case you didn’t notice, that whole 31 Days to Slow Down & Savour thing and I didn’t work out so well.

Ya see, it turned into chains, and the point was to enjoy life more, not be enslaved by an arbitrary self-imposed commitment. So I stopped, and I’m choosing to not even feel bad about it.

But, related to the slowing down and savouring,

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31 Days to Slow Down and Savour

Each year the nester hosts a project called “31 Days” in which she invites people to join her in choosing a topic and writing every day for the month of October.

Cool, eh?

And intimidating?


I almost didn’t do it. ‘Cause, reality is, there’s not a lot of writing going on around here lately. And, I will most likely miss a day,

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Laying Down

When the midwife arrived, I was standing in the bathroom, leaning on the vanity.

She told me to lay down, and five minutes later, that baby was born.

I thought I’d give birth squatting, but it was laying down that I became a mother for the second time.

I am beginning to realize more and more that becoming the mother my children need means laying down –

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