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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

So, I keep seeing people sharing this petition and other alarmist articles related to the new Ontario Sexual Education curriculum, which is to be rolled out this September.  It’s making me twitchy. Rather than getting into multiple discussions and arguments with  various people in various places, I figured I’d try to articulate my thoughts

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Santa, Jesus, Generosity

Advent is officially here! I am so excited to enter into this season of waiting and anticipating our Lord’s birth!

photo by SBrent, flickr, used under creative commons

I’m kicking off our advent reflections over at This Sisterhood today with some ideas on Christmas gift-giving, and how we can keep Jesus at the center of it all.


It’s important

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A Sense of Call, and Saying No

In case you didn’t notice, that whole 31 Days to Slow Down & Savour thing and I didn’t work out so well.

Ya see, it turned into chains, and the point was to enjoy life more, not be enslaved by an arbitrary self-imposed commitment. So I stopped, and I’m choosing to not even feel bad about it.

But, related to the slowing down and savouring,

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Humble Pie, With a Scoop of Grace & Truth

Today is my first “official” post over at This Sisterhood, where I’ll be writing every Monday. Come along with me as I reflect on some of the lessons of humility I’m learning through parenting. And while you’re there, check out some of the other gifted writers who are part of This Sisterhood!


(photo source)

I didn’t ever

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Five Minute Friday: Look

Linking up with Lisa-Jo this week for #fiveminutefriday.


This week: 5 minutes on “look.”


This week I was in the company of a man who loves Jesus deeply. He spoke passionately and sincerely about his experience of walking closely with Jesus. He asked this question:

“Doesn’t Jesus just stun you?”

I couldn’t really

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