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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

So, I keep seeing people sharing this petition and other alarmist articles related to the new Ontario Sexual Education curriculum, which is to be rolled out this September.  It’s making me twitchy. Rather than getting into multiple discussions and arguments with  various people in various places, I figured I’d try to articulate my thoughts

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Let Me Be Singing

A mama friend posted this on facebook last night:

status pic

I was immediately brought back to that place of frustration and desperation, walking the floor with my own wee boys. Her positivity and determination to dance through the difficulty inspired me.

This morning in church, we sang this song, which also happened to be one of the ones she posted following that initial

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And so it’s a New Year, and resolutions and words and all.

And part of me doesn’t even want to write them down, because then what if they don’t happen? What of that “Year of Celebrating Discipline” last year? What of the things I hope for that I struggle to actually accomplish?

But I do have some hopes, and some plans. And like last

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Celebration of Discipline – Meditation (2)

(A Year of Celebrating Discipline is my year-long exploration of Richard Foster’s book Celebration of Discipline, in which I am devoting each month this year to the examination and practice of one of the Spiritual Disciplines. You can read more about the project here.)

Last week we started our look at meditation with a summary of Foster’s chapter

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Celebration of Discipline Chapter 1 – The Spiritual Disciplines: Door to Liberation

So, two days ago I wrote a post about my word for the year – essential – and the things that I was going to try to establish as essentials. One of them, is pursuing Spiritual Disciplines, a process I have committed to blogging my way through. I said I’d do it on Wednesdays. Well, it’s almost 9pm on Wednesday, and just like exercise, laundry

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