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Rachel’s Digest – January 19, 2013

Happy Saturday friends. And it has been so far for me. That man I love and live with got up and took the kids out of the house and I slept until 10. I didn’t think I would ever do that again in my life , and it was oh-so-welcome after being up every 2-3 hours for the past week. Ah babies, how I love you.

Playing Boys

(no, but really – so, so much)

I haven’t done much

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Rachel’s Digest – January 12, 2013

A little something new for 2013? My weekly digest – a bit of my favourites from the web this week.

The Small Letting Go With Children – Ed Cyzewski @ Deeper Family

No one mentioned the small changes, the way we let go of little things as a child grows. These are the little markers that remind us our little boy is growing up, much like marking lines on a

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