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A Sense of Call, and Saying No

In case you didn’t notice, that whole 31 Days to Slow Down & Savour thing and I didn’t work out so well.

Ya see, it turned into chains, and the point was to enjoy life more, not be enslaved by an arbitrary self-imposed commitment. So I stopped, and I’m choosing to not even feel bad about it.

But, related to the slowing down and savouring,

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31 Days to Slow Down & Savour: Day 9 – Actually Slow Down

So, I feel like “31 Days” is kicking my butt.

And I also feel like I’m failing miserably at slowing down and savouring.

This week has just felt out of control. Part of that is me committing to too much (stay tuned for the “saying no” post), part of it is lack of routine related to James’ wacky work schedule, part of it is the reality

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31 Days to Slow Down & Savour: Day 8 – Make Connections

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I have this really wise friend who often says to her kids “People first; people come before things.”

And I think I need someone in my life to say it to ME more often.

You see, I am not good at putting people first. I’m learning, and I’m trying, but it doesn’t come naturally.

I think because of the craziness that life with

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31 Days to Slow Down & Savour: Day 7 – Get Up Early

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I like me a little peace and quiet – not so conducive to life with young children.

I’m learning that if I am going to have a good day, I need to get up before the kids. There are a couple of reasons for this.

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31 Days to Slow Down & Savour: Day 6 – Count Your Blessings!

I wasn’t certain at the get-go that I could actually do 31 days of 31 days…and it looks like I was right! I took my own advice and have been enjoying lots of food and family this weekend, truly slowing down and savouring, and not worrying about not getting to the computer. So, technically it’s Day 8 – but I’m on Day 6.

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