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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

So, I keep seeing people sharing this petition and other alarmist articles related to the new Ontario Sexual Education curriculum, which is to be rolled out this September.  It’s making me twitchy. Rather than getting into multiple discussions and arguments with  various people in various places, I figured I’d try to articulate my thoughts

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Love and Forgiveness

I heard these two songs within a few minutes of each other while driving tonight. Hearing the second after the first made me so thankful for this advent season and the coming of Love that enables Forgiveness.




I barely understand – like I’m standing on the edge something big and deep that I can only see a tiny bit of, but I know it’s

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Road 2 Hope

Winter is coming.

I’m dreading it already.

My mood has not been great lately. I struggle with mild depression, and the past few weeks have been hard. I don’t want to get out of bed, the most basic of tasks seems overwhelming, the smallest glitch in the day can move me to tears. The idea of adding dark and cold to my current circumstances is enough to make

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Let Me Be Singing

A mama friend posted this on facebook last night:

status pic

I was immediately brought back to that place of frustration and desperation, walking the floor with my own wee boys. Her positivity and determination to dance through the difficulty inspired me.

This morning in church, we sang this song, which also happened to be one of the ones she posted following that initial

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photo (23)

On Sunday I had breakfast with our fam at the most glorious discovery of a restaurant/bookshop ever (more on that later) and picked up this lovely little gem of a book that is one of those delicious reads – you know, one in which almost every paragraph you can (and should) stop and suck on for awhile. And then I read this and both talked about how art is something

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