Rachel’s Digest – January 19, 2013

Happy Saturday friends. And it has been so far for me. That man I love and live with got up and took the kids out of the house and I slept until 10. I didn’t think I would ever do that again in my life , and it was oh-so-welcome after being up every 2-3 hours for the past week. Ah babies, how I love you.

Playing Boys

(no, but really – so, so much)

I haven’t done much online reading this week – you know, sticking to the essentials (or trying. Failing miserably in some regards, but still trying).  Here’s what I added to delicious this week:

On Skinny Jeans, Daughters, and Singleness – guest post by Hilary at lisajobaker.com

He doesn’t tell me how to feel when other people start dating and I don’t. He doesn’t give me a how to guide to keep me safe from failing in big and small ways.

But He names me His.

tragically hip: privilege & the emerging church  – suzannah paul at thesmittenword

Is it possible to unite across demographics and to experience identity in being the body of Christ and liberation through growing the Kingdom of God together? Absolutely. That is part of the hope of the gospel, and I’ve certainly seen healing, beauty, and reconciliation come through Christ’s love and common work. But privileged folks (who also find identity in their/our own race, gender, etc) need to stop expecting others to check their identities or experiences of oppression at the door.

how to fight writer’s block: 10 tips on overcoming fear – emily t. wierenga

once you’ve sat in the light, once you’ve followed these tips, once you’ve taken care of yourself, then march to that computer and turn it on and open up a Word document and just start to write. don’t write anything specific. just write.

Know Your Calling Amber at incourage

 That’s it right there! It’s hard here, but our calling is to hope in this broken place, and hope calls pain temporary. Hope peels back the veil and enlightens our eyes. Suddenly I see the broken, see things as temptation to lose all hope and to sink low in the darkness, and I see Hope as the greatest element of faith.

We are all loved – But some of us don’t know it – Crystal at thissisterhood 

God created us all as beloved children.  What right do we have to look in scorn, or disgust at someone whose life has taken them in a sad and lonely direction?  We do not know their story.  We do not know why or how they ended up where they are.


Turn this up, dance in your kitchen, and enjoy your weekend, whatever it may hold.

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  1. thank you so much, rachel:) that’s a good man you got there. there is nothing so delicious or rare as a morning of sleep for a mama!

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