Rachel’s Digest – January 12, 2013

A little something new for 2013? My weekly digest – a bit of my favourites from the web this week.

The Small Letting Go With Children – Ed Cyzewski @ Deeper Family

No one mentioned the small changes, the way we let go of little things as a child grows. These are the little markers that remind us our little boy is growing up, much like marking lines on a door frame each year.

I never expected these small changes to hit me so hard.

I am so “there” this week – I keep looking at my boys and choking up a bit as I realize how much they’re changing and growing! Ezra’s sitting!

and related… Slow Down, Mummy – Rebekah Knight

Speaking of a father’s heart – the Father’s heart – A Lullaby for His Babies – Dulce @ Deeper Family

Christians talk a lot about being born again.  Sometimes, I think an important truth is overlooked in that.  We are born again as His babies

The 1 Habit God Really Wants For Your New Year – Ann Voskamp

Memorizing scripture – I’ve been working through the Sermon on the Mount and been so blessed. Consider trying?

The Gay Community and That One Time Jesus Called Me the ‘N-word’ – Sammy Adebiyi

It’s like God used the words of an ignorant troll to cut open my heart open then he filled it with love for the gay community.

I literally didn’t know what to do but cry and say sorry.

“I’m sorry”

That’s how I started my sermon on homosexuality 5 days after “Jesus” trolled me online.

I’m sorry.

It Might Not Look Like It, But I’m Working – David Moscrop

That’s the curse of those who pursue a career in which they only seem to reveal themselves as productive (and human) when their writing or lectures go live: the hours, days, weeks, months, or years that precede the finished product are rarely seen or accounted for. Instead, to the public, the process seems like magic, as if the spoken or written word appears immediately, ordered and polished, from the soul of its creator.

8 Ways to Nurture a Child’s Soul – Sarah Mae @ Simple Mom

On Presence as Peace In the Darkness – Luke @ Deeper Family

 Maybe peace isn’t to be found in a God who can say the right things to me, or do the right things for me.

Maybe it’s found in a God who just meets me where I am and simply sits with me there.

Book of the Week – Friendship at the Margins: Discovering Mutuality in Service and Mission

Just started this short, conversational, easy read – it’s going to be challenging, and it’s going to be good.

Happy reading, friends! (and pop by tomorrow for another new weekly feature…I’m excited!)

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