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Happy Monday! It’s my day to be writing over at This Sisterhood, and I am EXCITED about what I have to share over there…which includes my favourite online bookstore, and a way to support an awesome cause. Check it out!


I’m gonna make an assumption if you’re reading this, you have access to technology and electricity. Quite likely you’re dressed, have adequate housing, and enough food to eat. Also, I’ll assume that you’re probably a woman, and you’re probably able to read because you benefited from access to education that you probably didn’t have to pay for.

Now, imagine that you didn’t have those things – food, clothing, shelter, education, electricity, technology.

Imagine how thrilled you would be if someone was able to provide those first essentials – food, clothing, shelter. Pretty happy? I think so (I would be).

Now imagine that on top of providing for your basic needs, that someone scrounged up enough money to pay for tuition so that you could have access to education – education that could equip you to continue to provide for your own basic needs. How excited you would be!

Now imagine that it’s “that time of the month” and you can’t go to school because you can’t afford to buy any feminine hygiene products.

I know – you can’t imagine that.

As hard as it is for us to imagine, that is a reality for young women in Kenya – they miss 25 percent of their schooling because they can’t afford pads. It was in response to that reality that I was first introduced to Home of Grace Care Centre, and I want to introduce you to Home of Grace…

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