Our Family’s Purpose Statement

I have recently been reading a FANTASTIC book by Tsh Oxenreider of Simple Mom called Organized Simplicity.

And it’s fabulous – did I mention that?

Tsh’s book is all about how to achieve simple living, which she defines as “living holistically with your life’s purpose.”

So, if you’re gonna accomplish that, I guess you kinda have to know what your purpose is, right?

With that in mind, Tsh encourages people to create a family purpose statement.  This is a tool that states what’s important, what you value as a family, what you’re all about.  Once you have this tool, you can use it to help you to make decisions – both big, and small.  When you come to a career opportunity, you can say “how does this help us fulfill our family’s purpose?”  When you have a couple of potential events on a busy weekend, you can look at them and say “which ones line up most with our family’s purpose?”  A great way to help you stick to what’s important in life.

So, we decided to write one.

Here it is!

As a family we believe we are at our best when we are well-rested and careful with how we use our time.

With that knowledge we will strive to…
– Know God and make Him known
– Be good stewards of all we have been blessed with
– Be at peace with others
– Be always growing and learning

We will seek to make our home a place…
– of peace that is welcoming, safe, and restful
– that equips and enables us to fulfill our individual callings
– where joy and fun are celebrated

I haven’t yet decided how we’re going to display it in our home – any suggestions?

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4 Responses to Our Family’s Purpose Statement

  1. Jen Reeves says:

    Great new blog design!

    I suggest mounting it in a picture frame and put it either near the front door or where you spend the most time.

  2. I love your purpose statement. It’s excellent!

    It would be cool to put it in a frame or on a canvas and then put pictures of the family in frames around it. That doesn’t sound right..hopefully you know what I’m trying to say 🙂

  3. Lovely Family Purpose statement. I’ll also be participating in Simple Mom’s Project Simplify starting Monday. Still working on our statement though… I’ll probably display ours in a frame. I really like Stacy@Delighting in the Days idea!
    Happy decluttering!

  4. I love your family purpose statement! Nice job! I’m trying to work on mine now. I think it’s kind of hard! Maybe it will help if I just think of it as a first draft. I like the idea of displaying your statement on a canvas.

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