Just Keep Writing…Right?

I joined a writing workshop at the beginning of September.

‘Cause I’m a writer, right?

Or a wannabe.

Or somewhere in between.


Anyway. I was really excited. It started well. I was enjoying the push to engage in writing, enjoying the readings, the assignments, the feedback. And then life crept up on me, and before I knew it I was swamped with the basic realities of family/work/church, etc and I couldn’t possibly do ANY of the workshop stuff. And I felt like a big loser – ’cause who wastes money on something they don’t have time for?! And who was I to think I was a writer anyway?

I read this quote recently (William Faulkner, apparently), and it struck me.




Trying to do that. Hard, but trying.

Hard because of time. Hard because who reads it anyway? Hard because I’m no expert. Hard because…

“Because, because, because, because, be-caaaauuuuse” (what song is that from, anyway?)


But. I came back here today and looked over this space. And you know what?

I like my writing.

And I like writing.

And I think that’s good enough.

So I’ll keep at it.


(The one writing commitment I’ve been trying to keep – and forgetting to link to my personal blog – is my weekly post at This Sisterhood. I’ve been doing a series on Sabbath, and would love it if you came over to read. Here’s the latest post, on lessons I’m learning related to quitting a job. Also, as part of my reflecting on Sabbath I made this printable as a reminder for myself. Feel free to click on it for a PDF  to print out if it’s a reminder you need too.)


Be still printable


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6 Responses to Just Keep Writing…Right?

  1. Ann Kroeker says:

    I loved finding this today, especially after we spoke on the phone. This right here: “I like my writing. And I like writing.” Hold tight to that, when you’re tired and bleary-eyed and you feel like you aren’t making progress? Just remember you like writing and you like your writing, even if it’s just a paragraph every few days, even if you take a long break. If you get a little bit done, that’s something. If you take a break, you are resting in a good place–in the stillness. Rest there. It’s not wasted time. You are writing something more powerful than words as you raise your children–they are poetry, they are masterpieces, and mothering them is itself a kind of masterpiece-making in you, as well.

  2. “I like my writing.” That is huge.

    And your last sentence is so encouraging—to know that you’ll keep at it, which inspires me to keep at it too!

  3. Rachel,
    Glad you were in our workshop and I liked your writing in our class…and I agree with Ann…don’t give up…Happy Thanksgiving, early 🙂

    • Rae says:

      Thank you Dolly! In Canada we did Thanksgiving quite awhile ago. I can’t imagine having it so close to Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!

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