31 Days to Slow Down & Savour: Day 1 – Enjoying the Journey

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To read Day 1, scroll down. I’ll be updating here each day as I add to the series. Enjoy!

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Day 8 – Make Connections 
Day 9 – Actually Slow Down 


This summer, while driving back from a day trip to a cottage we’d rented, I said to James a few times “Did you see that?! Slow down! I want to take a better look!” The fields were beautiful, the homes were beautiful, the gardens were beautiful, and I wanted the chance to take it all in. Despite us both acknowledging that we didn’t need to hurry and that it would be nice to just enjoy the leisurely drive, the habit of driving as fast as reasonable and safe kept overtaking, and I kept having to ask James to slow down so I could better enjoy what was zipping past.

We do the same thing with life, don’t we? We get so used to clipping along, focused on our destination, that the journey becomes a means to an end, rather than something we enjoy. As an idealistic high school student, I remember doing a writing assignment about enjoying the journey. All around me I saw students caught up in getting the right grades to get into the right universities to get the right jobs to …. to what!? It was all about the next step, often at the expense of enjoying the present. While I was able to embrace the philosophy of journeying and being present in current circumstances at 17, I’m not finding it so easy right now. Right now I often find myself wishing away the terrible 2’s, longing for days of diapers potty training to end, and anticipating the day when I can sleep in again. Those are all okay things to hope for, but I’ve been reminded that I need to be careful not to wish these days away and miss some the beauty and joy of life with these little people.

So that’s what “31 Days to Slow Down & Savour” is about. It’s about finding ways to enjoy right now, rather than hoping for a season that might be more enjoyable. It’s not something I’m coming at as an expert, but as one learning, and seeking to share my discoveries and strategies as I muddle along. I’d love it if you’d read along. I’d love it even more if you joined in the dicussion – leave a comment to let me know your strategies for slowing down and enjoying what’s happening around you, or let me know what you’re savouring today!


Today I’m savouring…

– Little boy’s imaginations! The first thing Haydon said when I woke him up this morning was “I’m a Zebra!!!” For the first few minutes of the day, anything I said  – “How was your sleep?”  or “Are you excited to see your friends at school this morning?” – was responded to with “heee haaaw!”



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